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mscherbear Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2011   General Artist
If I finalize my commission pricing list, who would be really interested? (...well other than the ones who have already commissioned from me...)

Granted ... I've done paid commissions before but those were discussed.

I had & still have an outline for commission prices before that is center based with pencil work & work my way up (for this to make sense, continue to read below) - its still there but never finalized really.

The real main reason is for those who have commissioned me (and I am grateful for that thank you) & pending commissions that are in discussion have made me realize there should be that set guideline for future references.

Anyways, what *will* be included:
Mix Media (copic marker/color pencils)
Copic Marker

Anyways, still stay tuned ... :) for now ... feedback is always appreciated.

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