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CherBear's Thoughts: Nearly a Decade...

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 21, 2016, 4:53 PM

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Today fulfills thoughts about April

Undoubtedly, I have been busy with various projects but today I finished as I am about a day away from headings up to BABS Con this weekend [which I'll talk about when I get back on Monday, Tuesday at the latest.]. I take the time to recognize today as thoughts over a game ... yes a game. Weird? Petty? Strange? Well ... keep reading if you are interested on why.

What game do I speak of? Audition Online Dance Battle - Redbana, yeah that game.

A little backstory, I started playing since Nexon October 2007, today marks the start of the game on Redbana. Now, you must ask why over a game that isn't nearly impressive graphically & game play compared to all the current games out there, whether its on a console, PC, Steam, w/e. Frankly, I often get the vibe from my cohort in crime Milotic, [a guy who I met through this game] why I bother when the game by the company had been so poorly managed & potential of it growing was wasted. Why draw anything...why recognize recognition of a game that even the community within had crying out for the day when the game finally closes.

It's simple really, its out of love for the game, not the company. Like other games such as World of Warcraft where the community, had celebrated finding their significant other & people they end up refer to as 'friends' even when they're miles apart. This game, is no different. I spoke to some people from Audition that I managed to keep in touch, I sincerely asked, "Who have you kept in touch with after a decade since playing this game?" Some have said they kept in touch w/ a lot of them, some have said only one other. You then realize after talking about that question w/ them & the memories you guys had shared [...whether they're good or bad...] that whatever degree it is, you guys have still been friends all this time. 

Now, whether you cherish the idea of friendships or not is completely up to your preference. 

For me, I think I have found myself appreciating the fortunate situation only because the feeling of being alone is very plausible...unless you're all for it...its a lil sad w/ all the bad things that go on in the world today.

So I celebrate today; I reminisce the memories from it, its for the love of the game & more importantly the friendships of people I didn't expect to have - I still have today. And even though we don't constantly talk 24/7 or see each other, cuz lets be honest - life can get in the way...its as easy as saying hello & catching up in-between days, weeks, months & years then going back to doing your own thing but know that there will be a next time where you can do it all over again.

If this is silly, well hopefully you didn't read it to the end. Now if you didn't & feel the same way in a similar situation, that's great & hopefully you reached out to say hello to a friend cuz you never know - you might have just brighten their day when everything in the world for them had somehow went wrong.

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April 21, 2016


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