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CherBear's Thoughts: 2016, 2017 + PPC2017

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 5:43 AM

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First off: I want to wish everyone a late Happy Holidays & Happy 2017 New Year. I have plenty to cover but I had been extremely busy, which can be seen good or bad depending on who you are.

 Last half of 2016: Well considering my LAST journal entry was San Diego Comic Con 2016, rest assured I had been busy but also been busy with artwork too. August was a good month, my birthday month was satisfying ( thank you btw for all the birthday wishes ), October; during Halloween was fun as usual, November; was a bit of juggling around on where to spend Thanksgiving & December; was some interesting coordination with Christmas & New Year. Art wise - I had always been busy working on something, whether it was for Pacific PonyCon or needing a break to draw something else that didn't need a deadline. Mostly, I had been attempting to do in-game livestream of my artwork which turned out to be super fun. You'll eventually see the madness of random artwork along w/ Pacific PonyCon artwork since the event has passed.

New Year 2017: So a question into the New Year, other than totally having a Animal Crossing New Leaf moment, playing Pokemon Sun / Moon & on occasion Audition Online Redbana - what are my goals for this year. Strangely, it was to learn something new albeit; I can always learn some new strange fact on a random whim but I mean a new technique, revisit animation, something along those lines, continue to thrive as a artist. 

Pacific PonyCon 2017: Now the last part I would love to discuss. Thankfully this year, I fell more behind the scenes which I did not mind. It was held over at the Wyndham San Diego Bayside. I won't completely get into everything but overall, it felt very warm, folks had a lot of fun & everyone enjoyed the event from what I can tell. All the artwork deadlines were met right up to the day of the convention & managed to squeeze artwork to be featured as a banner for Equestria Daily. I was able to catch a couple of events; not to mention I made a exclusive poster print donated to the charity auction which was held on the 3rd day & saw our honored community guests, voice actors and a lot of the attendees. After all that was said & done, the positive feedback from social media outlets & volunteers looking exhausted - I think ultimately in the end it was worth it. Will there be another year? I guess we will have to wait & see.

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